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HQ WW2 Character Customization Pack Version:Alpha 1.0

Official ET Headquarters Standard Character Customization Pack. This is the WW2 themed item pack. It contains 10 body- and helmetskins, 5 rankskins and headaccessoirs, and 30 faceskins. Version: alpha 1.0

To get you started quickly read index.html at doc/manual/ inside the ET Headquarters mod version 0.9.127 download.

ET Headquarters adds a flexible character customization system to Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. It also adds gameplay changes and rebalances class mechanics. Its core gameplay remains close to vanilla ET.


Details Skin
Typ pk3
Size 8,069 MB
Downloads 283
Author acQu, Floreio, Jenkins, Thunder
Website Homepage
Created 31.08.2014
(3 votes)

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