WolfenDoom - Blade of Agony C1

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WolfenDoom - Blade of Agony: Chapter 1 - The Staff of Kings
Blade of Agony is a story-driven FPS. The project is inspired by WWII shooters from the 90's and early 2000's, like Wolfenstein 3D, Medal of Honor, and Call of Duty, but with faster-paced gameplay in the spirit of Doom! The game can be played standalone using the GZDoom engine as a base.

Story: It's 1944, and the war approaches its peak. The U.S. has joined the Allied forces, and the Soviets are pushing back the front in the east. The tides of war are turning, and the Führer's victory seems more and more beyond his grasp. However, the Axis Forces, refusing to capitulate, have grown obsessed with human experiments and occult artifacts, in which they see a potential escape from their final Doom. The Allied leaders reject this possibility as nonsense, nonetheless, some still fear what the Führer might be up to. The situation is nebulous, however, and little is certain.
You are Cpt. William "B.J." Blazkowicz, an Allied spy, a fearless risk-taker, and the greatest soldier to ever take up arms in World War II. Your role has changed, though; you've retired from active duty, and now you spearhead operations as a systems analyst. You thought it would be the right choice--leading and motivating instead of doing the dirty work--but lately you've grown restless. At least until a few days ago, when you received an encrypted message from your old friend and comrade Cpt. Douglas Blake, calling you back to duty...

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Features: Blade of Agony is much more than just a pastiche of the classic shooters that inspired it; the project will offer a unique experience. It also has many features not often seen in source port projects--Blade of Agony truly pushes GZDoom to its limits.

    7 playable and unique levels in Chapter One (over 20 in the full game)
    Orchestra-quality game music
    Voice acting and ambient soundscapes
    A combination of low-poly models and sprite assets to create the perfect retro feeling
    Devastating armaments from the battlefields of WWII
    Interactive NPCs that support the twisted plot's progress and help you understand the game
    Beautiful special effects (weather, elements, explosions, etc.)
    Much, much more!

Source: boa.realm667.com | forum/splashdamage | wolffiles.de

Author Team of BoA Date 18.11.2016 Filesize 311, 69 MB Download 7181


Battalion 1944 - Projekt ist live!

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 VICTORY! Thank you everyone! 317% funded!!!

Battalion 1944 (PC/XB1/PS4) recaptures the core of classic multiplayer shooters and propels WW2 into the next generation of gaming. Battalion 1944 utilizes the most advanced industry technology to create a visceral and heart-thumping multiplayer experience that has been crafted by the designers who have grown up playing Medal of Honor, Call of Duty 2 and Enemy Territory.

Throughout our campaign on Kickstarter we’ve managed to amass more than 10 thousand backers. The outpouring of support we have received is genuinely amazing and we cannot thank you enough. As a community we have tripled our initial funding goal to 317%, meaning we at Bulkhead Interactive are now able to develop Battalion 1944 into a game that will challenge the biggest AAA shooters in the industry.
Your funds will help make Battalion 1944 awesome. A question we’ve received a lot is what will happen to our British and Russian stretch goals.

We’d also like to remind you we’ll be opening our PayPal ‘slacker backer’ store in the coming weeks to allow anyone who missed their chance to back the campaign or didn’t have a credit card on hand to pledge their support and receive our exclusive Kickstarter rewards at their discounted Kickstarter price. This will be open for 1 week only. We’ll let you know well in advance when that goes live. We will make an official announcement as soon as that goes live...

Read more on Kickstarter/Battalion-1944

Source: forums.battaliongame.com | kickstarter.com


Doom 3 BFG Edition released in October

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Image Doom 3 BFG Edition with add-on to be released in October - Doom 3: BFG Edition will be a technically improved version of id Software's first-person shooter from 2004. Besides the main game Doom 3 including optimized rendering, 5.1 sound, a stereoscopic 3D mode as well as its two predecessors Doom (1) and Doom 2: Hell on Earth), it will also include the Doom 3 add-on "Resurrection of Evil".
There is also an improved "check point save system" and an permanent armour-mounted flashlight.

Because of the technical overhaul the minimum system requirements will be even higher than id's last shooter "Rage"
The official european launch date for the BFG-Edition is 19 October with a 30€ pricetag attached to it.

Image Doom 3 BFG Edition erscheint mit Add-On im Oktober - Doom 3: BFG Edition ist eine technisch stark überarbeitete Neuauflage von id Softwares Ego-Shooter von 2004. Neben dem Hauptspiel Doom 3 inklusive optimiertem Rendering, 5.1-Sound, einen stereoskopischen 3D-Modus, sowie den beiden Vorgängern Doom (1) und Doom 2: Hell on Earth soll auch das Doom 3-Addon "Resurrection of Evil" das Gesamtpaket vervollständigen.
Außerdem gibt's ein verbessertes Speichersystem und eine fest an der Rüstung des Helden montierte Taschenlampe.
Aufgrund der technischen Überarbeitung sollen die Grafikanforderungen sogar höher als beim letzten id-Shooter „Rage“ sein.

Entgegen ursprünglicher Erwartungen wird die Neuauflage von Doom 3 in der „BFG-Edition“ auch das hierzulande indizierte Add-On „Resurrection of Evil“ enthalten.

Offizieller Starttermin der „BFG-Edition“ ist in Europa der 19. Oktober, für knapp 30 Euro.

Quelle: id-Software via twitter | Gamestar | ComputerBase

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