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RTCW 1.4 PACK BY REFLEX Version:1.4 v1.0

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+------- Config -------+
First of all thank you for downloading my config and atleast testing it.
And also a big thank you to all who used my previous configs, which were alot ;)
You guys are the reason I am publishing this release now. And for those who liked the older versions, those will love this one!
I tried to "visualize" the oldschool, my taste.
Just 3 words: semi-dark, quality, simple!
You won't miss all the bright, overtweaked configs after using this one! : )

+------- Wolfpack -------+
This is a non-install version of RtCW 1.0. With everything you need to play this game. The features are listed below.
If you have any question or feedback email me or pm me on msn at sdp@hotmail.de Feel free to write!

+----------- Install -----------+
Extract the file somewhere you want to store it. Start gaming! (Edit some settings if needed)

+------- Features -------+
-Timer -Dropweapon script -FovChanger script -Sensitivity changer installed in the FovChanger script -Class binds -Spawnpoint binds -wolftv -altered binary included
-extra maps: +ice +basement +badplace +ctfmultidemo +escape2

Note: For those who can't run games in 1920x1080 have to change it in the video.cfg otherwise RtCW won't start.


Details Fullversion
Size 441.17 MB
Downloads 24297
Author Reflex (Nabil Harb)
Website Homepage
Created 28.09.2014
(57 votes)

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