TeamMuppet Infected Halloween Event

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TeamMuppet Infected Halloween event - Friday 31st of October - - 7PM GMT

Our Next event will take place on Halloween night which is Friday 31st October ...
The event will also take place on our very own Micha's Infected Mod!
Time of the event will be at 19:00 GMT (UK Time)

Server IP is and/or ( you can use either of the following IP's )

Please also do not forget to join our TeamSpeak server for an evan more fun night!
The infected Mod is one of the most popular event we have and what a better night than to have it on Halloween ...
All maps will follow the theme night so mostly / all spooky based map!
Anybody is allowed to join our event so feel free to come and visit us :D

Hope to see you all there on the night.
Happy Hunting!  

INFECTED MOD / SKINS / SOUNDS ETC >>> mnwa.bplaced.net...infectedmod_b2.1.pk3
CLIENT FILES ( DLL/SO ) >>> mnwa.bplaced.net...infectedmod_mpbin_20140715.pk3

Link: teammuppet.eu
Source: etpro.de

TeamMuppet Panzer War Night

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New TeamMuppet Event on 5 October. Not long after the recovery from last event, TeamMuppet announces its upcoming event: An all out panzerwar boozenight!! Join us on this server and on our TS3 to have a wonderful and unforgettable Saturday night. It will be a blast!

No entrance fee and consumption mandatory!

Source: TeamMuppet.eu | wolffiles.de

Sniper War

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ET Sniper War - Get your sniper rifle ready, hide your wife, along with alot of beer or if you prefer milk.
Cause, we're gonna have a Sniper Evening on Saints and Sinners Server.


Everybody is welcomed!

Source: wolffiles.de

ETF Easter Weekend Gaming Event

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We're having another gaming event @ ETF during Easter Weekend!

Please join us this Easter Weekend for a frag event. We will be rounding up a lot of regulars and and ET gamers from different clans and gaming communities.

Connect from console via domain name or IP:
/connect etforever.com

Map Listing for this event is posted on the main page of our forums: www.etforever.com
Teamspeak will be live and cranking @ ts3.etforever.com
We hope to see you there!

Source: etforever.com | wolffiles.de

PARAZIT-Clan FUN Evening

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Fun Event on PARAZIT-Clan at 19.00 on the 27 September - Server IP: parazit.ro:27960

Link: parazit.ro

Source: wolffiles.de

Prime Squadron Crazy Days

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We, Prime Squadron, invite everyone to visit us during our upcoming 3 day event. The 26, 27 and 28th of July we organize sniper and panzer wars in the evening hours.

Server: Prime Squadron #1

- Friday 26 July: SNIPERWAR! Start from 20:00 GMT+1 till 22:30.
- Saturday 27 July: SNIPERWAR! Start from 20:00 GMT+1 till 22:30
- Sunday 28 July: PANZAWAR! Start from 20:00 GMT +1 till 23:00

All matches will be played on the NQ 1.2.9 mod.

For the map rotation and further information check:

Don't hesitate to visit, everyone is welcome!

Quelle: Wolffiles.de

Halloween Afterparty

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Since we had one of the most successful event we had for a while last weekend I thought we could have an Halloween After Party Event !!! This event will take place on our Re-Opened Silent server !!

Server IP - - Date Saturday 8th November - Time - 19:00 GMT

I hope you all can join us during this event and make this event as successful as the last one. Don't forget to join us on teamspeak ( as well for an even more fun night.

Hope to see you all there. Happy Fragging.

Link: teammuppet.eu
Source: wolffiles.de

Infected Event #2

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TeamMuppet present the second Wolfenstein: ET Infected Mod event.
Date will be Saturday the 15th of Febuary at a time of 19:00GMT.

Server IP:

Humans Team: Once the match has begun, you need to run and hide somewhere safe. The idea is to stay alive as long as you possibly can without being killed by a [Infected] player. If you are killed by a [Infected] player you will be switched over to the [Infected] team. If any of the [Humans] are alive at the end of the game [Humans] will win.

Infected Team:  The [Infected] team starts off with 1 player. Once the match has started you may begin to hunt the [Humans]. If you see any [Humans] try everything and anything you can to kill them. Be creative! Once all [Humans] have been killed. The [Infected] team will win the game.

Information: Forums-Mod-Infected
Link: teammuppet.eu

Enemy Territory Competition

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Welcome to the Enemy Territory Competition!

Please support the ETC Cup! Add the Banner to your Clanpage

Date & Time: when the Teams are available, Sign-ups: NOW
Note: We accept the Sign ups after three Members are part of a team

Short way is allowed unless both teams agree not to use it.
Every player has to record demos; if you can't give your demos when asked for, your clan will be disqualified.
At least one player from each team must idle on IRC#etc-cup during the cup and he should be recognizable (with his name used on tourney.cc).
Only admins are allowed as spectators, players must use ETTV [gamestv.org].
TZAC is forced, your team will be disqualified if you don't play with TZAC. Check if everyone has TZAC before the match starts.
Banned(CB/ESL) and tagged players on CF are not allowed to compete.
A player can't play for different teams.
If there is a tie, a decider is picked by cointoss.

ETPro 3.2.6
The latest available global config should be used Download [gth-clan.de]
TZAC Server addon TZAC [tz-ac.com]

For the final, which will be played on ETTV [gamestv.org], both teams pick a map from the mappool. Decider is picked by elimination.

Datum und Zeit: wenn genügend Teams verfügbar sind, Sign-ups: JETZT
Anmerkung: wir akzeptieren die Anmeldung, nachdem 3 Member in einem Team sind

Seite ist erlaubt, es sei denn beide Teams sind nicht einverstanden
Jeder Spieler muss Demos aufnehmen, wenn er dieses nicht tut und danach gefragt wird, kann sein Team disqualifiziert werden.
Mindestens ein Spieler aus jedem Team muss auf # etc-Cup verfügbar sein und er sollte erkennbar sein (mit seinem Namen, den er auf tourney.cc verwendet).
Spectators sind nicht erlaubt. Benutzt ETTV [gamestv.org]
TCAC ist erforderlich. Sollte ein Team ohne TZAC Antreten, wird es disqualifiziert.
Auf CB oder ESL gabannte Spieler dürfen hier nicht antreten.
Ein Spieler darf nicht für ein anderes Team Spielen
Wenn es einen Gleichstand gibt, wird eine dritte Map nach Cointoss und Mapelimitation gespielt.

ETPro 3.2.6
Die letzte Version der Global Config Download [gth-clan.de]
TZAC Server addon TZAC [tz-ac.com]

Für das Finale, das per ETTV [gamestv.org] gespielt werden, nehmen sich beide Teams eine Map aus dem Mappool. Entscheider Map wird durch Eliminierung ermittelt.

Date et heure : quand les équipes sont disponibles, Enregistrement : MAINTENANT
Note : Nous acceptons les adhésions ( modifications ) après que trois membres aient rejoint une équipe

On permet les " raccourcis " à moins que les deux équipes acceptent de ne pas l'employer.
Chaque joueur doit enregistrer des démos ; si vous ne pouvez pas donner vos démos quand demandé, votre clan sera disqualifié.
Au moins un joueur de chaque équipe doit être connecté à IRC #etc-cup pendant chaque match et il devra être reconnaissable (son nom étant employé sur tourney.cc).
Les arbitres sont bien sur autorisés pendant les matchs mais les spectateurs doivent utiliser ETTV [gamestv.org] pour suivre les rencontres.
TZAC est obligatoire pour tous ( anti-cheat ), votre équipe sera éliminée si vous ne jouez pas avec TZAC. Vérifiez si chacun a TZAC avant que le match commence.
On ne permet pas aux joueurs interdits (CB/ESL) et étiquetés sur des CF de participer.
Un joueur ne peut pas jouer pour différentes équipes.
S'il y a un litige, un vote peut être demandé par les deux équipes, toute décision finale et impartiale reviendra aux arbitres ( rejouer un match par exemple ).
Bon match !

ETPro 3.2.6
Les dernières config globales sont disponibles au téléchargement sur Download [gth-clan.de]
Télécharger TZAC depuis le serveur de TZAC TZAC [tz-ac.com]

Pour la finale, qui sera jouée sur ETTV [gamestv.org], sélection des maps par les deux équipes dans le mappool. Le map décisive est sélectionnée par élimination par les deux équipes.

- adlernest
- supply
- frostbite
- tounine_b2
- library_b3
- braundorf_b4
- erdenberg_b3
- sp_delivery_te

1st Matchweek: frostbite <> braundorf_b4
2st Matchweek: adlernest <> tounine_b2
3st Matchweek: supply <> erdenberg_b3
4st Matchweek: library_b3 <> sp_delivery_te

Link: etc-cup.tourney
Quelle: gTh-clan

-)A(- vs Rest Of the World

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It has been exactly 2,5 years since the battle of all battles has been fought.
Now the Rest Of The World feel strong enough for another try to take down the members of the almighty community Dark Alchemy.
Some great names has passed the years: Enogma, Brachi, Odeon, JudgeMe, Tuxedo, RaveTeef and the list goes on and on.

But will they stand against the old timers?
Old-Owl will take the lead and fight with his infamous crew against the challengers.
For weeks they are already in bootcamp drilled to perfection.

Did Old-Owl train the new members well enough?
Are the old farts of -)A(- still in good shape?
Will the ROTW show up or is it past their bedtime?

Only time will tell....

More info HERE.

Source: dark-alchemy.com | wolffiles.de

© by wolfenstein4ever

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