Dark Alchemy Infected Event

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Dark Alchemy Infected Event

Are you afraid of zombies? Then better not join A2 this sunday. If you have nerves of steel you are more then welcome to fight.
Because this sunday we have zombies on our server and we need your help to get rid of them. Ofcourse we need zombies to shoot too, so -)A(-Wutang is allowed on server also.

Join us and save humanity!
Forum Info >> HERE

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ETF Easter Weekend Gaming Event

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We're having another gaming event @ ETF during Easter Weekend!

Please join us this Easter Weekend for a frag event. We will be rounding up a lot of regulars and and ET gamers from different clans and gaming communities.

Connect from console via domain name or IP:
/connect etforever.com

Map Listing for this event is posted on the main page of our forums: www.etforever.com
Teamspeak will be live and cranking @ ts3.etforever.com
We hope to see you there!

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ETF/WcB Clan Event - Friday Night Frag

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Friday Night Frag Event on 16th of January 2015. Fraggin' starts at 7:30pm GMT, ServerIP:

Silent Mod Anti-cheat will be running for this event

Cool Squad Clan server details can be found HERE
Cool Squad website HERE

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