one.more Cup #9 RTCW 3on3

As a warm up for both players and casters alike after the Christmas and New Year break, we will be doing a one-day cup for RtCW in 3on3 format on January the 5th, hopefully bringing you the same high quality games we have seen in the past ODC's.

Date: 5th January 2014
Start Time: Earliest will be 18:00 CET, depends on sign ups (Games Streamed from 21:00 CET)
Minimum Teams: 4
Tournament Structure: Playoff (Double Elim Entire Tournament)
Maplist: Base, Beach, Escape2, Ice, Keep and Sub.
Servers: EU

Tournament is free for all to signup, you must have at least 3 players on your roster and a maximum of 4. Players can only be signed up for one team and all info on who has signed up to the cup so far can be found here: LINK. One extra bit of info as requested by Warwitch himself games on the live stream will have their maps decided by the viewers to add that extra dash of excitement all-round.

The cups later rounds will also be casted by Warwitch himself over at WarwitchTV and he will be joined by a mix of players and casters over the course of the night. Warwitch also has a Facebook page, show your support and give the man a like! HERE

Team one.soldier Christmas Giveaway!

During December we are also doing a Christmas Giveaway where we will be giving away a PC game every day of December! The draw for the giveaways is in early January so if you have missed out on any of our giveaways you can still enter the draw by visiting this link and following the entry instructions.


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