Wolfenstein: TNO Demo - QuakeCon 2013

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At QuakeCon 2013 I got to spend some time on the newest Wolfenstein game being developed by Machine Games. It is basically a complete re-imagining/reboot of the series, but fear not for it remains true to the Wolfenstein nature with a little more seriousness thrown in there giving it more of a storyline. In the game you’ll actually be playing as two different characters, but for the demo you play as BJ Blazkowicz.

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QuakeCon Pack Steam & id Mobile sale

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In what’s become a yearly tradition, like John Carmack providing QuakeCon’s opening keynote, we’re excited to announce this year’s QuakeCon sales for Steam and id mobile. From now until August 5th, you can purchase the QuakeCon 2012 pack, featuring more than 20 id Software and Bethesda titles.
Save even more on the QuakeCon pack by pre-ordering Dishonored in tandem with your purchase, which will save you $15 on the pack.

So wie John Carmacks QuakeCon-Eröffnungsrede mausert sich auch die Steam-Sonderaktion zu einer jährlichen Tradition: Sie bündelt zahlreiche Spiele zu einem Sonderpreis auf Steam. Von heute bis zum 5. August 2012 kann man das QuakeCon 2012 Pack käuflich erwerben, das über 20 Spiele von id Software und Bethesda Softworks enthält.
Allerdings sind nicht alle Spiele im deutschen Store erhältlich.
Das gesamte Bethesda-Paket kostet dieses Wochenende nur 99 Euro. Enthalten sind alle Bethesda- und id-Spiele, allerdings nicht in Deutschland. Hier fehlen viele indizierte id-Software-Shooter.

QuakeCon Gameplay Video

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Enemy Territory:Quake Wars Gameplay-Video frisch von der QuakeCon. 

Dieses Video ist ein Muss für alle QuakeWars-Fans! Es hat sehr viel Spieltiefe und zeigt den typischen Spielablauf von ET:QW mit seinen Funktionen. Faszinierend und deutlich erkennbar ist in diesem Video auch, die Gameplay-Ähnlichkeit zu Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

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Competitive History - RtCW Movie

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RTCW - Competitive History - QuakeCon 2003 - Made by Homie

Since March 2015, I have been collecting and archiving RTCW demos and shoutcasts of the oldschool competitive scene (2002-2007). I also have been recording and uploading these on my youtube channel over the last 4,5 years. My final goal was and is to make some sort of ultimate "RTCW Competitive History movie" for RTCW its 20th birthday. In 2016-2017 I was already working on some clips of various tournaments but I never got to actually finish anything.

The main issue I faced was that finding frags and recording in RTCW is very tedious and time consuming. I didn't want to continue until I found some way to speed up this process. In early 2018, with the help of Kimi, Crumbs and MAN-AT-ARMS, I managed to create one ultimate RTCW movie mod and a small Python module that can scan for frags in my entire demo archive at once. Kimi also modified the LibTech 3 code of Hannes that allows me to cut certain frags from demos, which saves me a huge amount of time to record. Without these people, this movie would have never seen the light of day.

I decided to invest my time on one tournament at a time, instead of creating the full history movie at once. QuakeCon 2003 was the first on my list. I started working on it from February 2018, taking a lot of breaks to avoid making something generic without any inspiration and taking the path of least resistance. I got hugely inspired by -Max- his work on the Ultraviolet Volume series. I wanted to do something similar like this for a very long time. This was the most challenging video project I ever did, and while it is not perfect, I'm very happy with the final output. I hope to create and release more videos of this series next year. I also want to thank MerlinatoR, bully, -Max-, Kris, Twister and superboyy for helping me with this project.

Enjoy watching!

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Wolfenstein: TNO New Details from QuakeCon - Everything you need to know about the rebirth of Wolfenstein
is here in this conversation from QuakeCon 2013 with Creative Director Jens Matthies!

Wolfenstein: TNO New Details from QuakeCon - Im Rahmen der QuakeCon wurde der Release des Ego-Shooters Wolfenstein: The New Order auf 2014 verschoben. Es gab aber auch neue Spielszenen, die sind überraschend emotional.


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