RtCW: Movie The Last Panzer

Image Image RtCW Movie The Last Panzer, created by Bloxin for AG3NT - I know it has a lot of action and goes really fast. But I would rather it like this and show more of the shots off than less action and a slow boring video. I just about managed to get all the footage he sent me into it. With the few I didnt they are in the community video. All obj with a wide range of maps apart from one dm 4man nade.

Image RtCW Movie The Last Panzer - Dieses klassische RtCW-Movie, erstellt von Bloxin, zeigt eine Menge Panzerfaust Fragszenen von Spieler AG3NT. Das verwendete Demomaterial stammt aus den Jahren 2007-2009 und bietet ein breites Spektrum an Mapvielfalt.

Image Image Image


Quelle: crossfire | s4ndmod

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