Save RtCW Master !

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Image Save RtCW Master ! - The masterservers are turned off for almost 2 weeks - While there already are alternatives on ET, it still looks gloomy on RTCW with masterlists.
It’s time to save #RtCW !
Let them know you still play by posting on each one of these pages: http://goo.gl/ejuud   http://goo.gl/KDVYB    http://goo.gl/u4XYK

Rette die RtCW Master ! - Die Masterserver sind nun schon fast 2 Wochen ausgeschaltet und der Unmut der Wolffans wächst. Wärend es auf ET immerhin schon alternative Masterlisten gibt, sieht es auf RTCW noch düster aus.
Es ist Zeit RTCW zu retten! Lasse Sie wissen, das du immer noch RTCW spielst und poste auf folgende Facebook-Seiten: http://goo.gl/ejuud   http://goo.gl/KDVYB    http://goo.gl/u4XYK

Quelle: AG3NT @ s4ndmod-forum

RTCW: RtCW 1.4 Multiplayer Pack 2012

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Image Image Full RTCW 1.4 multi-player pack 2012 (without SP) which one is based on the released RtCW MP source code (GNU) of ID. Playable with ET generated keys!

Image Komplettes RTCW 1.4 Multiplayer Pack 2012 (ohne Singlepayer), welches auf die freigegebenen RtCW MP Source-Codes (GNU) von ID bassiert. Spielbar mit ET generierten Keys!

Included in this pack:
- Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer 1.41 (without singleplayer).
- Updated latest punkbuster and pb service installer.
- Popular mods (osp,shrub soundpack,fritzbot,ktbani,omnibot,wolf statanalyzer,wolftv).
- Standard, GOTY and must have maps.
- Full config with binds.
- And more.

Maps included:
Standard maps: Assault, Base, Beach, Castle, Depot, Destruction, Sub, Village
GOTY map pack: Ice, Chateau, Keep, Tram, Dam, Rocket, Trenchtoast
Axis Complex, Base2, Basement, Church, Escape 2 TE, Foo Fighter TE
Frostbite TE, Garage, Infamy, Kung Fu Grip, Multi demo, Pacific
SupplyDepot B2, The Bad Place, Tundra Rush B1, Valhalla Station, Wizernes Base

Install instructions:
1. Run RtCW14pack.exe (as administrator).
2. Click a couple of times on next until it's finished.
3. Change the properties of the new "RtCW 1.4" icon on your desktop.
4. Set compatibility to Windows XP (Service Pack 2). Set Run as administrator.
5. Run PB Svc Installer (from Start Menu) and install services (ignore possible errors).
6. Start the game, goto options, and enter your cd key.
7. If you don't have a cd key, run the included KeyGen (from Start Menu) to make one.
8. Or simply buy the game for 5 bucks and enjoy all servers.

For updating your current 1.4 refer to: ECG Install/Reinstall procedure.

You can also use this ETKeygen for RtCW (without using the Fairlight Keygen). Run and install the ETKeygen Application.
Generate a key and save the file as "rtcwkey".
Place it to your RtCW "Main" Folder. 100% Working on Punkbuster secured Server !!! Have fun Cool


Quelle: Crossfire | Wolffiles | wolfmp.com

RTCW: Happy 10th Birthday RtCW !

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Image The first game Splash Damage ever officially contributed to: Return to Castle Wolfenstein, is 10 years old! RtCW, published by Activision, was released to the North American market on November 19th, 2001.
As a small treat from Splash Damage they uploaded a picture of a whiteboard with their original map design plans for one of their own map creations: The Damned. It will provide some small measure of insight into a map designers process, albeit 10 years old!

Image Das erste Spiel, wo SplashDamage jemals offiziell mit beitrug: Return to Castle Wolfenstein wird 10 Jahre alt! RtCW, herausgegeben von Activision, wurde im nordamerikanischen Markt am 19. November 2001 freigegeben.
Als ein kleines Schmankerl hat SplashDamage ein Bild eines Whiteboards mit ihren Originalmap-Entwurfsplänen für eine ihrer derzeitigen Mapping-Pläne hochgeladen: The Damned (MP DAM). Es liefert einen kleinen Einblick in den damaligen Mapping-Designer-Prozess, wenn auch 10 Jahre alt!
Release date(s)
Microsoft Windows: NA - November 19, 2001 / EU: November 30, 2001
Linux: March 16, 2002
Mac: OS X April, 2002

© by wolfenstein4ever

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