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Image To inform you all about what has happened and what will happen during the next days/weeks. I write a short list to keep the info simple but organized.

1. the server the sl ist hosted at have had a hardwarecrash, that compromitted the database and several stuff
2. the original creators of splatterladder decided to retire from sl and dont invest any further freetime in this project
3. the good news is that the sl will not go down, but will be passed over to schnoog - the admin of the project http://www.wolffiles.de
4. the latest supporters and mods will help schnoog as much as they can and keep the sl alive with support
5. the complete process of passing over the sl will still take some time, also the broken things need to be fixed - this all might still take a while
6. those of you that think they cant wait for sl to reboot and want to move to another project: have fun and thanks for the time you have been with us
I would like to thank Proddi, Rippchen, Erdnussjack, Ragnar 40K, Eck, Binaural, NHLfan and all of the old bunch that allready left us some time ago or leave us now.
At least i want to thank them because i have had contact here with them in the past. Without those people sl would never have been such a great project.
They have been hated back in the past by many but loved by even more. Lets keep em in mind with good ol memories.
I dunno what else should be said, but all of you have the chance to say goodbye and share your meanings for the future.

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~ World IPv6 Day Is June 8. Should You Care? ~

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Image Image World IPv6 Day - Is June 8. Should You Care?

Image Welt-IPv6-Tag - Chaos im Internet am 8. Juni?
Image Most web workers have probably heard that “the Internet is running out of addresses.” In response, The Internet Society, together with such major players as Facebook, has announced World IPv6 Day. What will this mean for web workers, businesses and individuals?
A website address like gigaom.com is actually an easy-to-remember alias or nickname for a numeric address like (GigaOM actually has several, to deal with the traffic that the website receives.) These addresses can be in the range to Because some of the possible numbers are reserved, there are theoretically somewhat over 4 billion internet addresses available under this system, which is known as IPv4.

~ id ready for a new Wolfenstein? ~

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Image Image Rage producer thinks id ready for Quake and Wolfenstein.
Image id Software Entwickler denkt über Sequels zu Quake und Wolfenstein nach.

Image I recently spoke with Jason Kim, senior producer at id Software, currently working on Rage. In relating some of the higher level thinking behind the decision to do a new IP as the big game out of the gate for id tech 5, Kim talked about how the studio has evolved.
Our studio has grown a lot, not just in size but also in design and art process, and even a technology standpoint. John has admitted he can't do everything on his own. There are a lot of smart guys that are required to be able to make a game these days. He can't just lock himself up in a room, come out with an engine, and say okay, make a game with this.
With that change in philosophy and a larger studio, projects that previously went to outside studios could return to id....

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