Wolfenstein TNO - First Screenshots

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Wolfenstein:TNO First Screenshots and HD Trailer Downloads - I have made the effort, a little investigating about the new Wolfenstein:TNO.
are the first screenshots of the new Wolfenstein:TNO and trailers in German and English.

Wolfenstein:TNO Erste Screenshots und HD Filmtrailer Downloads - Ich habe mir die Mühe gemacht, ein wenig Nachzuforschen über das neue Wolfenstein:TNO.
Hier sind die ersten Screenshots vom neuen Wolfenstein:TNO und Filmtrailer in deutscher und englischer Sprache.






Author Bethesda Date 08.05.2013 Filesize 33,33 MB Download 168

The Wolf Team Anniversary

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On 10.11.2016, the Wolfteam turned 3 years old. This is what Thunder, Founder of The Wolfteam, had to say about the past 3 years:

"The WolfTeam was created on November 10th, 2013. As far as I remember, Mateos and Acqu were the first to join me on the idea of the creation of a helpful forum for modders and mappers of the game Wolfenstein Enemy-Territory. Since then, the community has grown and is still growing. Actually, it has become bigger than I ever hoped for. We are now, as I write this, up to 69 site members.

We have fun helping each other and even if you aren't the best in English we do our best to help you. We had a bit of a bumpy start, with website attacks and Clans that thought we would be a new rival Clan that would bring other Clans down. However, slowly but surely, people started to finally understand that we are not a Clan, that we're actually just a community, dedicated  to bringing out new maps and mods for them to play.

Today, several Clan leaders and members of different parties have joined in and are creating, supporting or commenting on the stuff that we do for Wolf ET. We've always kept to the rules, "Real life comes first" and "There is nothing you HAVE to do". We are a free community where everybody can join, as long as they behave.

This year we have joined forces with ET:Legacy, to keep Wolf ET fresh and somewhat better looking in the hopes of bringing back some of the old players and maybe some new ones to the game too. As long as I see that there is activity and nice people helping each other I will keep this site going."

Wolf ET Forever!!

Best Regards, Thunder

Source: thewolfteam.org | wolffiles.de | desperados-et.com

Patch 1.11 Client German & International

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Für Wolfenstein ist der zweite Patch (1.11) zum Download freigegeben worden.
Der 1.11 Patch bringt diverse Fehler in der Singleplayer Kampagne in Ordnung. Alte Spielstände funktionieren weiterhin mit dem neuen Patch. Achte darauf, das Version 1.1 vor dem Installieren des neuen Patches vorhanden ist.

1.11 Fixes:
Fixed issue resulting in user receiving gamex86.dll error
Fixed issue that caused crashes when users broke numerous breakable objects during a Single Player Campaign
Fixed issue that corrupted a save file after restarting a mission
Updated the Wolf2.exe with a SecuROM fix that prevented users from launching the executable properly 

1.11 german 1.11 national

Quelle: Wolfmap

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Revealed

Proving that you can’t keep a good gun-totin’, hatchet-wieldin’, Nazi-killin’ badass down, BJ Blazkowicz is back in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. The sequel to the critically acclaimed shooter from award-winning studio MachineGames was announced at the Bethesda E3 2017 showcase, and will be available on October 27, 2017, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Set in America in 1961, The New Colossus will take BJ (dubbed “Terror-Billy” by the Nazis) from post-nuclear Manhattan to small-town Roswell to the bayous and boulevards of New Orleans and beyond, as he leads the Resistance against the Nazi occupation of his beloved country.

wolfenstein2 tnc pic1

But this isn’t just the riveting tale of one man’s mission to build a movement and fight the evil that’s overtaken his nation. BJ must also rebuild himself. After barely surviving the assassination of Nazi General Deathshead at the end of Wolfenstein: The New Order, BJ begins his exhilarating adventure while still recovering from his extensive injuries. Bloody but unbowed, he soon finds himself fully restored and stronger than ever. Along the way, BJ will mow down anyone in his path using an awesome arsenal of high-tech weaponry, including the Laserkraftwerk (perfect for disintegrating Nazi goons) or the Dieselkraftwerk (built to blast a bunch of enemies with gas-powered grenades). BJ can also get up close and personal using the new hatchet – because there’s nothing more satisfying than slamming a handheld ax into the crunchy cranium of a vile Nazi commandant.

Whatever weapons he chooses to use, BJ can not only dual-wield anything from advanced pistols and submachine guns (or any combo of his powerful armaments), but he can upgrade those weapons as well – allowing for even more versatility when it comes to everyone’s favorite pastime: killing Nazis.

wolfenstein2 tnc pic2

And he’ll need every weapon he can find, because this time it’s even more personal. Not only is BJ fighting to take back his homeland, but he’s doing it alongside old friends (including returning favorites like Caroline, Bombate, Set, Max Hass, Fergus or Wyatt, and his now-pregnant partner Anya). These allies – along with new characters like Horton and Grace – will help BJ take down the villainous Frau Engel and her Nazi army, and spark the second American Revolution, ensuring there’s a future for the burgeoning Blazkowicz family

A world-class shooter with gripping gameplay, compelling characters and a captivating story, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus puts you into the Nazi-stomping boots of BJ Blazkowicz and lets you unleash your inner war hero. Whether you like to sneak around, run-and-gun, take a tactical approach – or all of the above – your goal remains the same: Rally the resistance and end the Nazi’s tyrannical reign in America.

wolfenstein2 tnc

Look the horny (german or english) teaser...

publication: October 27, 2017, developer: Machine Games, player: 1, genre: Ego-Shooter, platforms: Xbox One,PS4,PC

Source: bethesda.net/wolfenstein-ii

Limited to only 5,000 individually numbered editions, the Wolfenstein®: The New Order™ Panzerhund Edition comes in a vintage footlocker-style box (measuring approximately 13.5" x 11.25" x 9") with a stamped number plate right above the antiqued clasp.

Inside, you'll find a classified folder affixed to the lid containing 11 classified documents (an assortment of maps, case files, and even an x-ray).

The bulk of the footlocker houses an 8" articulated Panzerhund statue. Made of high quality vinyl material (PVC and ABS) the statue is hand painted, includes a base, and strikes a surprisingly menacing pose for a scaled-down replica.

Inset in a velvet-lined tray is an exclusive SteelBook™ (G2), and a set of 14 full-color weathered-looking postcards of the game's alternate history, bound in a display book.

Lifting this tray reveals compartments housing a set of three high-quality, embroidered patches, and a box containing custom molded replica dog tags, looped and knotted on twine string.

This collector's edition does not include a copy of the gameThe edition will cost about $ 100.

Source: etpro.de | store-bethesda

8 Seiten Test in der PC Action

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Langsam aber Sicher geht es in den Endspurt für wartende Wofenstein-Fans. PC Action hat jetzt, als Deutschland erstes PC-Magazin, Wolfenstein genauer unter die Lupe genommen. In der neuen Ausgabe 10/2009 ist ein 8-seitiger Bericht über unseren heisserwarteten Nachfolger Wolfenstein.

Der Test sagt viel Gutes aber auch einiges Negatives über den SinglePlayer aus. Ein großes Minus bekommt zB. das Artefakt, das zu wenig Spielrelevanz bietet und  damit viel zu wenig das Spiel beeinflusst. Über die betage Grafik werden nur wenig Worte verloren und einen Pluspunkt bekommt die deutsche Synchronisation.
Unterm Strich überwiegt aber das Positive, was PC Action dazu veranlasst dem Game ein Gesamtergebnis von 85 Punkten zu geben. Ein recht gutes Ergebnis wie wir finden. 


Image Image

Der Multiplayer ist nicht im Testergebnis mit eingeflossen, da dieser zum Zeitpunkt des Test nicht verfügbar war. Nur ein paar Screenshots (siehe Bild) sind von Activision bereitgestellt worden. Nach dem MP Beta-Debakel bleibt nur zu vermuten das Raven/Endrant noch mit Hochdruck am MP arbeitet und diesem dem letzen Schliff verpasst. Der Mp-Test wird also nachgereicht.

Image Image

Um so erstaunlicher ist, das die deutsche Version doch nur ohne H-Kreuze auskommen muss. Der Gewaltgrad ist NICHT reduziert und gleicht damit allen anderen Wolfenstein Versionen. 

Auch die PC Action bestätigt den Release mit 18.08.09

Quelle: PC Action (Ausgabe 10/09)

Wolfenstein: The New Order Delayed to 2014

Bethesda “felt it deserved some additional time for polish.” Wolfenstein: The New Order has been delayed to 2014 on all platforms.

The news comes from QuakeCon today, because, according to Bethesda VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines on Twitter, the team “felt it deserved some additional time for polish.”

The New Order was previously scheduled to hit Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year. For much more on what to expect from Wolfenstein, see our interview with Hines about its potential.

Wolfenstein: The New Order - Auf 2014 verschoben

Der Release von Wolfenstein: The New Order wurde verschoben.
Wie der PR-Chef von Publisher Bethesda Pete Hines im Rahmen der Spielemesse QuakeCon bekannt gab, wird der Ego-Shooter erst 2014 erscheinen, berichtet Joystiq.

»Wir haben heute bestätigt, dass Wolfenstein: The New Order nächstes Jahr veröffentlicht wird. Wir glauben, dass etwas mehr Zeit für den Feinschliff nötig ist«, sagte Hines. Gegenüber Polygon gab der Marketing-Chef an, dass auch die gleichzeitige Entwicklung auf derzeitigen und NextGen-Plattformen für die Verzögerung mitverantwortlich sei.

»Die nächste Konsolen-Generation ist noch in Bewegung und es ändert sich vieles, das ist definitiv auch ein Faktor, der berücksichtigt werden muss«, so Hines. Außerdem erwähnte er, dass sich die Spielzeit des Ego-Shooters auf etwa 16 Stunden belaufen wird.

Source: etpro.de | gamestar.de

Official Wolfenstein: The New Order website now online. > www.wolfenstein.com is multilingual without German. Because of censorship, get the Germans a separate website. > www.wolfenstein-spiel.de and www.wolfenstein-spiel.com

Die offizielle Wolfenstein: The New Order Webseite ist jetzt online.
> www.wolfenstein.com ist mehrsprachig ohne deutsch. Dank der Zensur, bekommen die Deutschen "wieder einmal" eine Extrawurst und eine seperate Webseite. > www.wolfenstein-spiel.de und www.wolfenstein-spiel.com


Bethesda confirms Wolfenstein: The New Order - MachineGames’ new ‘action adventure shooter’ Wolfenstein: The New Order is coming to current and next gen consoles this year, Bethesda has announced.

Developer MachineGames is comprised of several former Starbreeze developers, and The New Order is “a reimagining” of the Wolfenstein franchise, says Bethesda. It will arrive on 360, PS3, PC and next generation consoles in Q4 this year.

Creative director at MachineGames Jens Matthies said: “As fans of the series, working on this game is an honour, and our team is driven to create an unforgettable action-adventure experience that will make FPS fans proud.”


Die "Katze" ist aus dem Sack! Bethesda bestätigt den Titel Wolfenstein: The New Order - MachineGames "neuer" Action-Adventure-Shooter "Wolfenstein: The New Order" wird noch in diesem Jahr erscheinen, hat Bethesda angekündigt.

Das Entwicklerteam "MachineGames", welches aus mehreren ehemaligen Entwicklern von Starbreeze besteht, wird   Wolfenstein The New Order "Neuerfinden", sagt Bethesda. Das Spiel wird auf 360, PS3, PC und Konsolen der nächsten Generation noch in diesem Jahr im 4. Quartal erscheinen.

Jens Matthies - Creative Director bei MachineGames sagt: "Als Fan dieser Serie, ist die Arbeit an diesem Spiel eine große Ehre für uns, und unser Team wird angetrieben, um eine unvergessliche Action-Adventure-Erfahrung zu schaffen, die alle FPS-Fans stolz machen wird."

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Vasel Koleda!
Glædelig Jul!
Fröhliche Weihnachten!
Merry Christmas!
Hyvää Joulua!
Joyeux Noël!
Vrolijk Kerstfeest!
Buon Natale!
Sretan Bozic!
Prieci'gus Ziemsve'tkus!
God Jul!
Wesolych Swiat!
Boas Festas!
Craciun fericit!
Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva!
God Jul!
Vesele bozicne praznike!
Feliz Navidad!
Prejeme Vam Vesele Vanoce!
Kellemes Karacsonyiunnepeket!

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